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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Her House

Aloha Everyone,

My Mother decided to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of her house on Christmas Eve. All her three children and 2 of her 4 grandchildren and 4 of her 5 great grandchildren were present. We were a total of 14 including the spouses, plus the fiancée of my nephew.

Everyone volunteered and brought dishes and delicious baked goods. As always, there was lots of food and wonderful conversation. What a blessing for us to gather and be able to spend time together! Entertainment was provided by the younger 3 of my Mother's 4 great-grandsons who used their own brand of creativity to conjure up games and merriment.

Wine from Yasu & Mayumi's vineyard

26 pounds roasted turkey

Home made stuffing

Just to clarify, the choice of using paper plates was mine rather than my Mother's. Her preference was to use her fine china. But for practical purposes, my sister and I sort of convinced her that we would like to focus more on our company than spending time cleaning up. My Mother reluctantly agreed. If she sees the photos in our blog, she would be horrified!

My plate:

My nephew's dessert plate :-)

"Christmas is the day that holds all time together."
--Alexander Smith

Aloha -- Cathi