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Saturday, March 11, 2017

50th Anniversary of Ikebana in Manila; Alex's Surprise Birthday Party

Aloha Everyone,

Ikebana, also known as kadō (華道) is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. There are a number of schools with their distinguished styles. Ikenobo, Sōgetsu and Ohara are three of the best known.

Though at the time we were reluctant, my sister and I are grateful that our Mother gave us the opportunity to study in Japan. For two semesters, we learned traditional Japanese arts including Ikebana, Shodō, 書道 (Japanese Calligraphy), Chano-yu, 茶の湯 (Japanese Tea Ceremony) and musical instruments.

Our school was Ikenobo and I immediately was able to identify the ones representing Ikenobo among many elegant displays. Vangie, the president of Ikebana International Manila Chapter explained to us that they are celebrating its golden anniversary with a floral exhibition by members. J.J. and I fortuitously stumbled upon the exhibit and Vangie graciously posed for me in front of her large and impressive display.

Margo with her artistic creation.

We returned to Alex's house this evening to celebrate his Golden Birthday Party. The surprise portion was that he thought his wife TinTin, was throwing a party for immediate family only and a few of their close friends. There were tables and chairs in the garden as well as two tables in the lower section of the house for the younger generation.

In addition to the professional musicians hired for the party, Alex and TinTin's 3 of 4 sons performed and sang and entertained the guests. No photos of the boys as only the eldest is over 18 years, the age I personally have age restriction for our blog.

It was a delightful and magical evening having another chance to catch up with some of J.J.'s family and relatives. Alex, after lots of teasing from his family and friend summarized his life with one of my favorite words, "gratitude".  

Aloha -- Cathi