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Friday, March 10, 2017

Day With Terttu & Merienda

Aloha Everyone,

A fabulous day spent with Terttu. Driving in a non-rush hour traffic, it took us about 30 minutes to arrive at the Greenhills shopping area. Though I had a short list of items to purchase, our main objective was for the two of us to just "hang out" with each other.  

At times, we got so caught up in our conversation, we would stand in front of a small shopfront, reminiscing about our good old days.  

When we first met, Terttu and I were starting our families. Through both good and challenging times, the two
of us stayed in touch. Now we talked about how we will spend the rest of our life. I value our friendship immensely as Terttu is someone whose friendship has deepened over the years and that it will last for the rest of my life.

Her driver brought us back to Greenbelt. We had our merienda of bibinka at Via Mare before we parted company.

Let me take this opportunity to share some photos of our merienda (snack eaten anytime and often as substantial as a meal).

I had ice cream made of local purple yam

Longan similar to Lychee

Buko - fresh young coconuts. You drink its milk

Then scoop the soft textured meat.  Delicious!

Filipino rice-based dessert

Aloha -- Cathi