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Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Wildflowers of Borrego Spring

Aloha Everyone,

Wildflower viewing is serious business. There is a wildflower hotline and website where one can track when the flowers bloom. 54 different species of wildflowers found in the Borrego Spring area are featured in the Anzac-Borrego Dessert State Park's official brochure.

Not all wildflowers are bright colored and easy to see. Many are minute or hiding in the shades of other plants. Some, according to the brochure, are called belly flowers because you have to get down on your belly to appreciate them.

On a normal year, these wildflowers bloom from late February through March. Certain amount of rain and warm days are factors that can affect when they blossom.

This year with all the right elements in place, we have a super bloom.

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Aloha -- Cathi