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Thursday, March 2, 2017

DOW's Historical High, Savoring Asian Foods

Aloha Everyone,

Last night, when JJ and I went to bed, all international TV channels were focused on the first address of Donald Trump to the joint session of the U.S. Congress.

People must have liked what they heard. This morning we woke up to BBC and CNN news of DOW Jones surpassing a historical 21000 high. Since the two of us have fixed income for out retirement, we don't know how the new administrations' policies would impact us directly. But in the Philippines, for now, the official exchange rate of US$1 = PHP50.35 is helping. I use 50 to 1 conversion rate to keep it simple.

Today was a low key day for the two of us so my blog will be focused on food, one of our favorite subjects.
For breakfast, I prepared a wonderful stir-fried tofu, green beans plus yellow pepper and cherry tomatoes from André's farm. Definitely a healthy and superbly delicious meal to start the day right. J.J. made scrambled eggs and enjoyed it with some cherry tomatoes and Gouda cheese.

Taking advantages of a wide choice of Pacific-Asian cuisines, our lunch choice was Malaysian Restaurant called "Banana Leaf".  It was early. not even 11:00 am.  But having walked nearly two hours in the Greenbelt Malls, both of us were famished and enthusiastically consumed our meal.  

J.J.'s shrimp with yellow curry and my sautéed vegetable with wheat noodle:

For dinner, we stopped at East Café located inside Rustan's Department Store. Exceptionally prepared steamed lapulapu (grouper) with thinly diced fresh ginger was, as Flavia would say, "Mmmmmm!"  Tofu with asparagus and vegetable medley plus JJ's bowl of garlic rice completed our meal selection. The dishes were perfect; subtle flavoring and light on our stomach.

We printed 100 business cards with a photo of Honu and our contact info on the back. We thought of having cards to exchange with J.J.'s classmates.  
The cost, including design, set up and printing was US$27. Unfortunately, the result is a bit disappointing. The photo we submitted was the true color --- charcoal grey.  So why is half of Honu blue?  I reminded myself to take a deep breathe, practice equanimity and let go. It really is not a big deal!

Aloha -- Cathi