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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Driving Back To La Jolla

Aloha Everyone,

The driving distance between my Mother's home to our son's home in La Jolla (San Diego) California is approximately 115 miles. Honu has made it as short as in 90 minutes or as long as 180 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

It was a tense drive for J.J. The traffic came down to a crawl for about 45 minutes caused by an accident on US 405 Freeway. I focused on taking photos of the sceneries instead of cars on the road.

J.J. and I joined our son and daughter-in-law to watch our granddaughter play the flute for her school musical performance.

Tonight, a combined celebration prepared by our daughter-in-law with Thai food take outs and delicious mini cakes from a Cuban bakery.

I got my sufficient evening work out by engaging in a high energy pillow fight interspersed with push-ups with my granddaughter.

Aloha -- Cathi