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Monday, September 27, 2021

A Day Trip to Antiparos

Aloha Everyone,

The boat ride from Paros to Antiparos took 25 minutes. Following the crew’s recommendation, J.J. and I sat on the upper deck under a canvas canopy.

After a midday snack of ice cream, J.J. and I took a bus tour. Our driver was very punctual. He made a total of 5 stops including at the main attraction, a cave where one has to climb up a hill about 100 meter. What he didn’t mention is that the steps leading to the cave is 365 steps each way. I love caves, but J.J. simply disagrees. With no official guide, you are on your own, I passed my first Greek cave:-(

Dispotilikot was the last stop where we had a 30 minutes break. J.J. and I shared a grilled toast, a typical Greek snack item.

Chris and Ashley, a young couple from Philadelphia, took same boat and bus tour with us. They reminded us of 40 some years ago when we worked hard and saved money towards our travels.

Antiparos is laidback, less developed, less crowded, with rural charm. The total cost for the boat was €10 per person round trip. Our bus was €6 each. We were gone exactly 5 hours.

Channel between islands was rough and I had to hold onto my hat and railing as not to lose my hat or myself. Overall, this was an enjoyable and stimulating day.

Aloha -- Cathi