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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Staying in Touch with Family

Aloha Everyone,

Our two sons are well versed in world geopolitical affairs from the historical point of view as well as current events.  

During our weekly video get together, we tap their knowledge and discuss defensive investment moves. We rely on passive income to sustain our lifestyle.

Fortunately, we live within a budget. One splurge is to fly Business Class, otherwise our needs are simple. We don’t have to stay in ultra luxury hotels but we don’t scrimp on food. J.J. and I have no need to shop for souvenirs to display inside Honu. Photos and blog entries plus my artwork give us plenty of memories to look back to.  

Greece has so many stray cats. They even sell postcards of strays. Whenever J.J. and I choose outdoor sitting at a restaurant to enjoy seafood, we are surrounded by 3 or more cats waiting for handouts. They stare right at you and some more aggressive ones put jump on adjacent empty seats to be closer to our food. According to Christina, cats that lounge around in the inner courtyard of our hotel are “neighborhood cats.”

Well, one of them jumped up onto our balcony and entered our room. At 3:00 am, I woke up to find a Calico cat scramble to hide under our bed. Brrrrr. Sorry furry animals and I don’t get along. Poor J.J. My small scream woke him up. Solution is that we will use a storm shutter locked from now on. This will hopefully keep cats out but still allow a nice breeze to circulate.

Aloha -- Cathi