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Friday, September 24, 2021

To Arian Hotel

Aloha Everyone,

Kristina was waiting for us to say Yassou (translated Hello & Good bye) and she helped us load our luggages into the tiny elevator of the hotel. Kristina genuinely looked sad to see us leave stating that we were the best guests she’s ever had. 

J.J. and I managed to arrive at our next hotel in about 9 minutes and we were greeted by another Christina. This is a smaller hotel with 9 rooms in total. No elevator but we got a ground floor room.

It is a family business run by Christina, her husband and his mother. Unlike employees working for wages, their service is personal. Flower petals scattered about on the bed and knick knacks occupied desktops and wall spaces. We really appreciate their hospitality. When asked how often we would like our room cleaned and linens changed, J.J. and I requested for a daily cleaning as we track in dirt from outside, but change our towels and linens every other day.

It’s exciting to discover a minor archeological site and waterfront restaurants in this neighborhood. Moving even with our minimal personal possessions is tiring. Lunch was at a restaurant near our new lodging. Siesta, then we walked back to our previous hotel where J.J. had his 2nd cup of coffee while I finished my walk. Dinner at a restaurant on the bay — yes close to our old lodging, then walked back and purchased water and apples. A wonderful day! I walked a total of 5.9 miles.

Aloha -- Cathi