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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Places, Food, but Ultimately People Enhance Our Travel Experiences

Aloha Everyone,

We met 3 sisters from Brooklyn, NY.  They went to London to drop off one of their daughter/niece who will be attending university. They came to Athens to visit a relative then took a trip to Paros.

For dinner, we tried a new restaurant near our hotel. Interesting name and the graphic of the menu as well as menu items prompted me to ask if there is a Japanese connection. The owner is half Japanese, half German and grew up in Paros. Would have loved to meet him in person. The unassuming restaurant was packed, catering to a clientele who’s looking for something different.

Our starter was a complimentary appetizer made of Greek yogurt, beet juice with olive oil.

For entrees J.J. asked for Thai curry with shrimp and white rice.

My salad was made of green lettuce leafs, Paros cheese, red mountain berries, walnuts pieces and candied fig marinated in Greek yogurt. The olive oil had an exotic flavor. The Japanese influence was very apparent while the ingredients were local source.

I could survive on Greek desserts. That is if they are all low glucose, high protein with vitamin B and C. 

Here are some of the mouth-watering fresh fruits and Greek desserts the two of us feasted on, including nougat sandwich with almond chips, crumbly orange cake encrusted in phyllo dough. It  was heavenly!

Aloha -- Cathi