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Sunday, September 12, 2021

NEGATIVE Rapid COVID Test Results

Aloha Everyone,

Our whirlwind schedule during the past two days culminated in getting our Rapid Covid test this morning. While to enter Greece we are only required to have a proof of vaccination, to get our connecting flight in Heathrow, passengers must have negative Covid test results.

J.J. and I went to the CVS pharmacy located about 15 minutes drive from our hotel. The actual venue is a small independent, windowless structure. It resembles a backyard tool shed. Perched on a low level platform, J.J. received a text to go in first. My turn came 10 minutes later.

Marina, the technician wearing her protective gear from the head to toe, was ready for me. After verifying my identity, I did my own test. While travelers undergo a momentary unpleasant experience, for a greater pleasant reward to follow, for Marina, it must be a stressful job to be cooped up in such a tiny space. J.J. and I truly appreciate technicians such as Marina who makes our lives easier.

Our result came within 20 minutes via text. After logging in with our personal data for verification, J.J. and I both cheered on our NEGATIVE results!

A quick celebratory ice cream from McDonald’s while J.J. refueled Honu. This was followed with a dim sum lunch

Aloha -- Cathi