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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Greek Immersion Week

Aloha Everyone,

Greek is a difficult language to learn. In our two previous travels to Greece, our vocabulary was limited to simple phrases such as good morning, thank you and goodbye.  

This time, because J.J. and I are planning to stay for nearly 3 months, I am trying to learn more.

Duolingo is one of my “go to” language learning tools. So far I can recognize helpful phrases such as “A snack with Ouzo.” “Where is the mini market?” “Do you sell water?”

Greek mythology, Greek history, stories of Greek heroes including Alexander the Great also offer interesting background information. Greek art and architecture, geography, sorting through so much information is both exhilarating, exciting, but also exhausting.

Minus Teodorakis was a Greek composer and lyricist. He is credited with over 1,000 works but Teodorakis gained worldwide fame with his music for the 1964 film, Zorba the Greek starring Anthony Quinn.

Dancing is good exercise. It is also a wonderful stress reliever. Please enjoy!

How to Greek Dance Hssapiko, Tutorial  

Aloha -- Cathi