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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Departure Day

Aloha Everyone,

The day began with a great news. Jeff has been in close contact with four of his students who tested positive for COVID.Jeff has been experiencing low energy, fatigue and sore throat. Following his school’s protocol, Jeff went to get a Covid test at Kaiser Hospital. The response came last night and his text message came in this morning, NEGATIVE!

The two of us finished packing of our 2 suitcases. J.J. will carry his carry-on computer bag on board and I have our regular backpack plus my small shoulder bag.

A quick lunch at Chile’s. The choice of restaurant was really determined by the ease of access since this restaurant sits on the same property as a Walmart store we frequent in Torrance. Sufficient space to park Honu.

We should be boarding in about 20 minutes. Approximately 9 hours of flight time using Virgin Atlantic to Heathrow. Change of aircraft is one and a half hours followed by a flight to Athens. This means that we will spend most of November 3rd on board planes and airports.

Maintain your physical, mental and emotional health!

Aloha -- Cathi