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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Preparing to Move

Aloha Everyone,

The two of us have established our daily routine of having light fruits and nuts in the room before stepping out to a nearby bakery for cappuccino and croissants. J.J. enjoys a double cappuccino and 3 mini plain croissants while I have a single cappuccino with two mini croissants.

While J.J. lingers over his coffee, I go on my 2 miles morning walk. I now have a choice of the street in front of our hotel to the Ekatintapyliani church, the main square of Parikia town and the street that runs along a pine grove. Within 42 minutes, I can complete my 2 miles walk.

Our big activity today was identifying and committing a 7 days stay at another hotel on Paros. J.J. thought that it would be easy for us to extend our stay at this hotel if we like our accommodations. Unfortunately, they are fully booked for two of those 7 days.

The two of us agreed that it would be simpler for us to extend just one day then move to a new hotel for 7 more days. We are happy to see that Paros Island and elsewhere in this Mediterranean region are doing brisk tourism business.

It is warm leaning more towards hot and sticky. Appreciate hot shower with fluffy bath towels and daily linen change. Water bottles are chilled in our mini refrigerator.

We also had our laundry service taken care by Christina, our housekeeper. €10 for our one week wash is reasonable.

Aloha -- Cathi