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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Blustery Day

Aloha Everyone,

After several warm and humid days, I woke up freezing. Our room and bathroom windows were open and I couldn’t shut them due to the counter pressure as well as the height. Then belatedly, the AC came on which J.J. has been trying to activate for the past few days.

Solution was for me to wear my Cuenca woolen cap, my Alaskan jacket and add a thick blanket that is stored in the closet. Only after J.J. finally woke up did my body start to thaw :-).

Attracted by the English Breakfast sign, J.J. and I stopped at The Jolly Roger Pub. The large plate of breakfast spread for J.J. was truly an authentic English. I had a more modest scrambled eggs with Feta cheese, a small concession to Paros, with a small Cappuccino.

The owners are Xristina from Paros and Ted from Northern England. They are bubbly and enthusiastic about life. Between their serving other customers, we managed to introduce ourselves, take souvenir photos and exchanged addresses.

Too windy and cold to go out for dinner, we dined at our hotel restaurant where they have a small interior sitting area reserved for “vaccinated” customers.

Aloha -- Cathi