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Friday, October 1, 2021

Star Ferry to Naxos Island

Aloha Everyone,

Compared to boarding on passenger cruise liners, taking an Inter island ferry was more of a “do-it-yourself” experience. First of all, the number of crew to passenger is more limited. Ferry boat companies are in transportation business and not in travel. At the pier, there were no one to direct the passengers. There were no rules and no instructions to follow. People were pushing and shoving, many without masks to try to board the ferry.

J.J. and I initially approached a ferry marked Naxos, only to find out that it was the name of the ferry destined for Athens.

Main challenge in boarding was that we had to take a very narrow escalator which ascended in a high angle. Luckily crew members were helpful and they provided assistance to get our luggages onto the fast moving escalator.

The sailing time took almost an hour. Sea was pretty rough and since onboard announcements were mostly in Greek, many of us remained in a state of alertness.  

Disembarking process In Naxos was a repeat of what J.J. and I went through in Paros. I heard shouting of tour group leaders corralling people to hurry to board waiting buses. They came to Naxos for the day.

After all the excitement, the two of us are very happy to be in Naxos. Early lunch which doubled as our dinner in a nearby restaurant. After a hot shower, I was asleep by 7:00 pm amidst the loud music, merriment coming from music bars down below.

Aloha -- Cathi