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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Churches of Syros

Aloha Everyone,

At a glance from the pier, Syros is hilly with two dominant hills. Syros is where nearly half of its religious population is Catholic and the rest are Greek Orthodox. One of the two prominent hills is the site of St. George Cathedral and the other the Greek Orthodox Church of the Resurrection.

The two of us have been enjoying looking up the hills ever since our arrival and today we thought of going up the hill and appreciate the view.

Our taxi driver spoke no English. Once he understood that we want to drive up to the church, he grunted and started driving. The winding roads were narrow and J.J. and I quickly dismissed the initial idea of leisurely walking down the hill. 

Our driver parked the car pointed to a tiny alley, “Here you walk to church.” J.J. decided to stay by the taxi while I walked to check out the church, take photos and return. I am not sure how long I was gone fighting the wind that tried to rip off my hat, heavy jacket, iPhone and nearly pushed me off the stairs. I think that I was also too close to the structure. All I saw was its massive walls. 

Holy Church of the Resurrection of Christ was our second stop. No clergyman, no worshippers, I stepped inside to appreciate its serene interior. After a total of 45 minutes, J.J. told the driver to drop us off at the Miaouli Square and paid him 15 euros for his services. 

There are many other churches on the island, some located in our immediate neighborhood. Weather permitting, I might venture out on a more leisurely church visitation.

Aloha -- Cathi