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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Beach Walk

Aloha Everyone,

This morning, J.J. and I walked to Saint George Beach via a residential neighborhood. On our return, we walked along the beach back to our hotel.

The weather continues to be windy. Some say that this is an anomaly while others admit that this is a start of the Fall season signaling to people in the tourism industry that 80% of the summer visitors will be leaving or have left the islands.

A long, sandy beach was clean of debris and rubbish. Only a few brave visitors were in the water including those who wade up to their thighs. J.J. enjoyed sipping a Coke watching the seagulls and enjoying the cool sea breeze. Meantime, I made a couple of trips on the board walk to get my exercise.

I would like to add that street cleaning crews do excellent work in maintenance of streets including sidewalks on the three islands we’ve visited thus far. While the sidewalks are not always easy to navigate due to a number of makeshift steps, irregular width or no safety hand bars, being cautious and mindful, J.J. and I are able to enjoy our walks.

The two of us have engaged the service of a guide on Saturday. She is a professor of Archeology. We are really looking forward to seeing some interesting sites of Naxos.

Aloha -- Cathi