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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Syros Public Holiday

Aloha Everyone,

The last two days we came across one of the most important annual local events. The 2 of us witnessed wreath laying ceremonies by school age children. Today there was a parade in the town square. The festive atmosphere was quaint and provincial with students waving Greek flags and proud parents taking their photos.

By historical account, on May 1941, Italian troops left Syros. Then in September 1941, the island was under German control until it was liberated by Greeks and the Allies. This tragic period brought much devastation, starvation and death. Residents of Syros continue to commemorate and remember those who perished between 1941-1944.

J.J. and I walked to check out our regular choices of restaurant. Amazingly nearly all tables and chairs were occupied. In the back streets, we were still too early for local dining crowds. Under the spectacular canopy of bougainvillea, we enjoyed our plates of local specialties: fried baby squids and eggplant with rice. Syros restaurants target local clientele. J/J/ and I noticed  simplicity of presentation with general pricing of 10 to 15% less than restaurants on Naxos or Paros. The proprietor who took our photo proudly explained that it has taken 30 years to grow the flowers to its present size and glory.

Aloha -- Cathi