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Thursday, October 14, 2021

End of Naxos Tourist Season

Aloha Everyone,

This afternoon, J.J. joined me on my evening walk to the Islet of Palata where the Apollo Temple is located. Rain has been forecasted for this weekend and we felt the change in the air moisture. Even the wind felt cooler.

I am much more relaxed when J.J. is with me. When I do my solo walk, I do less sightseeing and I am more mindful of my surroundings. I photographed a small hill town located outside of the city, a sailboat and an unfinished marble statue of a female figure.

We stopped at one of the restaurants which we’ve been frequenting. Most restaurants here are fashioned in two sections. The main section which is part of a solid building structure. This is where they have a kitchen, working areas, plus toilets for their patrons. In some restaurants, they also have table and seats but most diners eat across the walking path where tables and chairs are set up under semi permanent or temporary canopies.

When we questioned about the grapevines  covering the ceiling, our sever became animated and told us that it began with a single grape vine and propagated to cover the entire ceiling area. The vines produces tiny grapes but they do drastic pruning to encourage growth.

From her we learned that this restaurant will be closing on Sunday for the winter. She mentioned that some restaurants have already closed for the season and others by end of October.

J.J. and I need to make a decision regarding whether we will remain on Naxos until our departure time to the USA, whether to choose another perhaps bigger island like Crete or move to the mainland of Greece. These are interesting options with each having a plus or minus aspect for us to take into consideration.

Aloha -- Cathi