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Friday, October 15, 2021

Here Comes the Rain

Aloha Everyone,

We woke up to the sound of thunder and lightning that could be seen through our bedroom window.

Everyone is very excited for this big event. This will be the first rain in 2021. According to the Naxos official website, average annual rainfall is about 14.8 inches. The coldest month is January and I have seen photos and heard stories of snowfalls and snow accumulation on the mountain tops.

We are constantly reminded about the scarcity of water. A bottle of drinking water is 1 € each in restaurants. Portable water is available around the island, but you have to know where the public fountains are located — like inside a restaurant.

Toilets have very low water flow. There are not so subtle reminders not to flush paper in the toilet bowl to prevent clogs. This is something the two of us have become accustomed to. Ecuador and Mexico toilets have similar instructions.

There are joy and elation of “here comes the rain” compounded with extra work of putting away cushions, mopping the street in front of one’s restaurant, as well as mopping floors.

Aloha -- Cathi