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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Syros Archeological Museum

Aloha Everyone,

Syros Archeological Museum is one of the oldest of its kind in Greece. Having said that, this is the smallest Archeological Museums I have ever visited. Built circa 1835, you have to climb marble steps to get to a small entrance.

Two attendants who were sitting behind a protective plastic shield responded warmly to my, “Hello and good morning,” in Greek.  The female attendant asked me, “Where from, Covid?” literally in a single breath.  She was satisfied with my brief response of, “America, yes.” I paid 2 euros entrance fees and walked in. The map states that there are 6 rooms but I only counted four.

More than the displays, my curiosity turned to a group of 5 who tried to walk into the museum. The group was quickly stopped and asked “Where from and Covid?” Unfortunately both parties could not communicate. Each one of the visitors repeated Covid to each other.  After thanking them and I left, I could still hear the 7 of them calling out Covid.

Later I recounted the incident to J.J. and both of us wondered which country could the visitors come from.  hey seemed to speak no Greek or a little English. Or were they perhaps feigning their ignorance?

Aloha -- Cathi