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Monday, October 11, 2021

A Day Trip to Delos & Mykonos - Part 2

Aloha Everyone,

After 3 hours on Delos, our boat came back to give us a ride to Mykonos, one of the picturesque Islands that are often used as representing the Greek Islands. Four windmills that are depicted in souvenir products from magnets, placemats, bags, hats to  t-shirts greeted us as we approached Mykonos. I must say that photographers and tourist videos do a fantastic job capturing those four windmills.

Lunch at a restaurant by the bay. Food quality was okay but the price was 20-25% higher. This place is touristic. We saw two large cruise ships docked and a stream of tourists following their respective tour guides.

According to the salesperson who issued us the last minute tickets, this was the last day of regular scheduled tour boats. There were 8 of us when we left Chora, Naxos. 

Unknown to us, the boat headed to Paros Island at the port of Naoussa and docked for 15 minutes where 70 plus French passengers came on board.

Our stay in Mykonos was almost 4 hours. We then dropped of the French group in Paros and returned to Naxos. It was an interesting day but a little exhausting. I walked a total of 7.1 miles and J.J. walked 3 miles. The two of us were out for exactly 10 hours. J.J. said, “Tomorrow we will have an inactive day!”

Aloha -- Cathi