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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Temple of Apollo

Aloha Everyone,

Temple of Apollo is the main landmark and recognized symbol of Naxos. Made of marble, this doorway to the temple, circa 530 BC, stands proudly over the rubbles of the unfinished structure.

It was late afternoon when I left J.J. at a restaurant promising him to return within 30 minutes.  

Once I reached the islet of Palata, there were a few paths to climb. There were no signages, no guards and about two dozen visitors scattered around the ruins.

Florence and Jean Michel from France were trying to take photos of each other. I offered my assistance and Jean Michel placed his sturdy camera around my neck. My knowledge with conventional cameras are dated. When J.J. worked as a professional photographer, I could take photos with Hasselblads and Nikons. After taking a few close ups of the two of them framed by the Apollo gate, I switched to my iPhone to take more panoramic views including Florence and Jean Michel.

Aloha -- Cathi