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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Hotel Diogenes in Syros

Aloha Everyone,

Our hotel is located literally across the street from the ferry landing site. It is easily recognizable since the stand alone building is taller than others with the name of the hotel on the highest floor.

This 16 rooms hotel was built in the traditional architecture of Pelion style. The Pelion region architecture employs stone and wood from local sources. It is quite beautiful! Thankful that there is a roomy elevator for hotel guests. The size of our room is sufficiently spacious that I can walk back and forth for exercise.

From our balcony, we have an ocean view where we can watch arrivals and departures of boats. Breakfast is served at the ground floor of the hotel. Here one of the hotel staff asks you to make your selections and serves breakfast. The style of service needs to get accustomed to. For example, she will prepare toast, place warm fried eggs and gives you hot coffee. By the time she is ready to hand me my tray, the food has already gotten cold. Then she will start on JJ’s breakfast. A little bit of miscommunication can also results in a strange array of food on our plates.

Aloha -- Cathi