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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Ferry to Syros on Champion Jet 2

Aloha Everyone,

Champion Jet2 of SeaJet is a high speed shuttle that covers several Aegean islands.

Their system of passengers embarkation and debarkation are impressive.  We were told that larger Greek ferry companies pride themselves in punctuality, at least if you are getting on the board at a starting pier.

Jet2 stopped for exactly 15 minutes in Naxos. As if all passengers have undergone drills, we made quickly on to the ferry.  

J.J. and I decided to leave our bigger suitcase and his pull on computer bag at the hotel Xenia. He carried our smaller suitcase, a newly purchased backpack and I wore our backpack plus my shoulder strapped bag.

After storing our suitcase in a luggage rack, we walked up two flights of stairs to our assigned “airplane type” seat. The cost was 37.70 Euro per person. 

After two hours including a 15 minutes stop at Mykonos, we arrived in Syros.

Aloha -- Cathi