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Monday, October 4, 2021


Aloha Everyone,

Shazam, available for free from App Store is a music app that will identify nearly any song in a matter of seconds. (So far the app could not identify several Greek music.)
You have to have WiFi access and hear a song you would like to know the name, artist, lyric, etc., all you do is press the Shazam button.  

Our hotel room overlooks two music bars. The first night, JJ and I were travel fatigued and didn’t bother to figure out how to shut the windows airtight. That night must’ve been a night for Metal, punk and Prog-rock. Rather than trying to fight the noise, I made it the occasion to learn how to use Shazam and expand my music horizon beyond opera, classical, country, folk, blues, jazz and new age. :-)

Thanks to my niece Jennifer, who installed the app for me and showed me how to use it. Shazam is really user friendly. Enjoy!

Aloha -- Cathi