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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Active Day with Good & Not-so Good Outcomes

Aloha Everyone,

Marita had a great time on her recent trip to India. She said that there were 10 of them in total. All are her friends and former colleagues in the hotel business, with the exception of a sister of a friend and a neighbor. J.J. and my trip to India was limited to Delhi. Marita recommends that we should try to see Taj Mahal once in our lifetime. It is more stunning than any photographs you’ve seen.

Up to now, my desire to go to India has been limited to practicing yoga at its source. Our get together with Marita was brief. She was on her way to another engagement.

5pm. Arrived 12 minutes to spare at the dental office. J.J.’s appointment was squeezed between regular patients. The first appointment the two of us had with this dentist was wonderful. She was pleasant and allocated sufficient time for us.

Granted today’s appointment for J.J. was a last minute squeeze.  There was over an hour’s wait before he was seen by the doctor.  If our first appointment was a purpose of marketing, today’s was all business. Instead of fillings for two small cavities, she suggested that JJ should have root canal. She still had more patients waiting. J.J. just had her do one temporary filling, paid his bill in cash, and we left.

Later he received an email with his upcoming appointments starting February 17, the day we are scheduled to be back in Makati.

Good outcomes include our favorite dishes at familiar restaurants. I also walked 5.4 miles or 13,907 steps while waiting for J.J.

Aloha -- Cathi