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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Parmigiano Italian Restaurant in Uptown Mall

Aloha Everyone,

This morning we had good weather. The two of us took a longer route so I could photograph interesting visuals of lanais which gave a distinctive look to otherwise ordinary buildings. 

J.J. and I had scouted this restaurant about a week ago. What caught our eyes was the byline beneath, “Authentic Italian Passed Through Generations.” By the time we arrived, it was past 12:00 noon. Only less than 1/2 of the interior seats were filled. That means the quality of food is so-so or the prices are higher than their competition.

There were little nice touches such as bright yellow oversized table napkins, fork and knife pillows plus complimentary bread basket.

I ordered Mozzarella with tomatoes. This is one of my favorite Italian dishes which I tend to compare with authentic fresh ingredients Flavia used to prepare. J.J.’s go to dishes are spaghetti alla Vongole and fried calamari. Dishes were served hot. 

J.J.’s comment was that spaghetti and mozzarella dishes were very good. However, calamari rings which came with breaded and fried white fish pieces were too large and not at all impressive. Our bill for today’s lunch came out to US$22. 

J.J. suggested that we returned to a seafood restaurant we recently dined where he truly enjoyed their baby calamari plus similar vongole plate. 

I don’t mind returning there. I had a grilled salmon on mixed green salad which was perfectly prepared and delicious. The price difference of US$5 is minuscule when it comes to quality and enjoyment of a good meal.

Aloha -- Cathi