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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Awkward Non-English Translations

Aloha Everyone,

The staff at Seda BGC were very apologetic. They seemed even embarrassed to tell us that they won’t be able to call Uber for us. It was one of those silly hotel policy that prohibited them from assisting us since we’d already checked out. I jokingly said to J.J. that had we known this policy, we would have been able to arrange for Uber to pick us up at exactly at 10:50 am, 10 minutes prior to our time of check out :—/

Whenever there’s a rule, people could be resourceful. Our Uber driver arrived in 3 minutes and he dropped us off at Holiday Inn Express in Makati about 20 minutes later. J.J. paid him US$4 including a generous tip. 

Greeted with “welcome back” from security guards to front desk who facilitated our check-in process was a good feeling. It took us no more than 10 minutes before we were in our room. WiFi was working immediately. 

The two of us had to take care of several things prior to including making J.J.’s dental appointment. 

J.J. and I were both short of our daily goals of our walking. Had a steaming hot Vietnamese Pho dinner was a good way to end our transfer day.

Following are 3 awkward English translation by non-English speakers.

Aloha -- Cathi