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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Megaworld Uptown Mall, Market Market & Ayala Mall

Aloha Everyone,

Some guests love the buffet items. Three guests who sat next to us each brought their own plastic containers and packed food to go.

We haven’t learned the full impact of the recent 7.4 earthquake and its aftershocks in Japan. It will take time for us to find out how much people’s travels have been disrupted. 

Marita, J.J.’s sister is busy getting ready for her trip to India. She and her friends have chosen India as their destination for a one-week land trip. Unfortunately, their schedule will disrupt our own plans.  Otherwise, it would’ve been an exotic destination for the two of us.

We went back to Megaworld Uptown Mall. Now that we’re familiar with the direction, it took us a mere 15 minutes to walk. Today was the first cool weather since we arrived in the Philippines. To take advantage of the walkable midday weather, we checked out different restaurants including popular Filipino eateries. But all inexpensive Filipino takes outs in Food Court had long lines of customers.

An alternative was El Corazón, Filipino Hispanic Cuisine where we dined on 
mongo soup and Paella Mariscos. Good quality food and we stood up with 1/2 of the food unconsumed. The reason, there is no oven or microwave in our room. Besides J.J. and I need to go out for lunch and dinner to get our mileage for the day.

Interesting story about egg shaped paintings hanging in the restaurant. I asked if there’s any story behind them, since the restaurant‘s name Corazón means heart. Apparently, they were painted by the owner of the restaurant. He is big man and thus his subjects are big and round like him. Very good reason for the paintings to be hanging.

Prior to our dinner, we walked to Market Market, a large open area where there were vendor stalls selling both prepared and to be cooked raw ingredients. What we recall fondly was the time J.J. and I met with David and Vicki and their three children. That must’ve been a couple of decades ago.

For dinner, we walked back to Ayala Mall. J.J. had tonkatsu teishoku served with rice, miso soup and pickled vegetables. I had tofu and edamame. I was able to walk 4.8 miles and J.J. did 4.1 miles.

Aloha -- Cathi