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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Return to Mitsukoshi Mall

Aloha Everyone,

Changing our familiar route could offer a chance to see new attractions such as unique architectural designs, parking lot wall paintings and Urban Farming. Sudden and big rain drops got my iPhone and sunglasses wet just as we walked into the Mitsukoshi Mall.

J.J. wanted to eat in a more upscale place than the soba shop we enjoyed on our previous visit. Sunday noon, restaurants were getting filled. Our first choice was promising. J.J. selected 5 individual dishes. Our server said, “I’m sorry ma’am/sir. You have to order one hot pot before you can order individual dishes.”

We’ve never heard of such a ridiculous rule. Rather than argue with an employee, we thanked him, stood up and exited. The restaurant immediately next door was called Putien, a Singaporean style dining place. Of the 4 dishes J.J. ordered, my favorite was the multi-layered tofu with vegetables.

Turnip marinated appetizer in orange juice wasn’t to our liking but since we unwrapped the plastic covering and tried a tiny piece each, we were charged 50 pesos for it.

The two of us also walked by the Samsung Galaxy AI Festival and local firemen dressed in colorful uniforms who could’ve been there as participants or observers.

Aloha -- Cathi