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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Destination Baguio City

Aloha Everyone,

Our driver, Emer arrived on time. This is the 3rd time he goes to Baguio. We sense his excitement. 40 minutes on the road and we are finally in the countryside.

Pulilan. San Simon. Mexico. Angeles. San Fernando noting familiar names along the way. Emer is a careful and courteous driver. He allows cars and pedestrians to safely cross. He is also religious. Whenever we see rockslides, he clutches the cross that hangs on the rear-view mirror.

Trying to photograph the extinct volcano, Mount Arayat took multiple attempts causing me to feel dizzy. From our previous trips to Baguio, I recall an impressive waterfall named Bridal Veil Fall and a rock formation which resembled the head of a lion. Loss of rivers and water being diverted for growing rice, most waterfalls were nonexistent. As to Lion’s Head, it was redone like a plaster cast. Gross and obscene, just to make money. Souvenir shops surrounded the area with eager tourists buying local handicrafts.

After 4 hours on the road with one quick pit stop at a roadside Shakey’s Pizza, we arrived at the Baguio Country Club.

Extremely tight security to access this private compound, we are happy that Emer will be able to stay in the drivers' quarters located a short walking distance from the clubhouse.

VIP Cars charge is US$80 per day for 4 days that includes car & driver. We pay for gas, all toll roads, Emer’s food & lodging.

Aloha -- Cathi