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Monday, January 29, 2024

Our Final Week at Seda BGC - Dining-in and Out

Aloha Everyone,

Our visit to Venice Mall in BGC was quite an eye opener. Since less than half year ago, the mall has undergone significant changes. Mainly due to opening of higher floors and bringing established chain restaurants, there are some positives, but it also forced some smaller businesses to shut down.

J.J. paid 20 peso for a small pouch of crushed corn to feed pigeons. Very aggressive and famished, the birds jumped on JJ and others.

500 peso per adult for gondola rides were popular. Children are free as long as they are under a specified height and with an adult.

The two of us fondly recalled the quality and the service of Rialto. Unfortunately we saw that Rialto was hearing its Swan Song. Food was so-so. The place looked shabby with Christmas tree still standing in a corner. We were the only customers.

BreadTalk owned by Singaporean Chinese man, George Quek is one of the fastest franchise operations expanding into Southeast Asia, Japan, Taiwan and the Middle East. Individual sandwiches and buns filled with sausage or cream and cheese are all priced below US$.50. Affordable treat for many.

Hana Maruken Ramen is a popular chain of simple ramen eatery in Japan. Food is the main reason for you enter this tiny restaurant. J.J.’s comment on spicy noodle soups that found its origin in Osaka Japan was good.

Aloha - Jeff