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Friday, January 12, 2024

Lualhati Laundry

Aloha Everyone,

During my daily phone conversations with my sister, we compare similarities and contrast of our current lifestyle. For instance, every 8-10 days, J.J. and I have to deal with our laundry. Even when there’s a washer and dryer inside our room, like in the Makati Diamond Hotel, it makes sense for us to use laundry services rather than spend 3 or 4 hours doing it ourselves. We justify this as giving jobs to people.

After J.J.’s thorough search, this morning we decided to check out the Lualhati Laundry.

An old, dilapidated 3 story building with Korean and Chinese bars and restaurants on the ground floor was not at all inviting. Took an elevator to the third floor and came upon a small laundromat. People can do their laundry using commercial size equipment, drop off clothes and have them wash and dry. You have a choice of return for your clothes or have them delivered.

My initial thought was to start looking for another laundromat.

J.J. and I did better with our dining. Empress Garden is an old establishment with quality Chinese cuisine.  On one of our prior visits to the Philippines, our friend Joy had invited us. My preference was steamed dim sum while J.J. enjoyed fried dishes.

For dinner, we ate at Heybaos, a casual Vietnamese place where you can make your own plates. J.J.’s “Shibuya Night” was basically veggies with grilled salmon. It was well put together and photogenic. My Mexican veggie bao was so-so. I removed the top bun trying to make it a healthier meal.

Aloha -- Cathi