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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Alter to Fit & Hong Kong Dim Sum

Aloha Everyone,

My white jacket was perfectly altered. Although it could’ve been 1/4 inches longer, I can now wear it without folding the sleeves.

Taste of Hong Kong is a tiny dim sum place. Every possible space is utilized including its ceiling for decor. Dim Sum dishes were served piping hot along with a cup of very hot water for me.

J.J. thought that quality of food and service was better than Din Tai Fun. For our 5 dishes, we paid 1,015 Filipino pesos or less than $19.

A neon sign of Money Changer was located at the end of this restaurant. J.J. asked if there is a Money Changer operating in the place, and our server chuckled and told us that the owner is Hong Kong Chinese. Thus he rents the space to a money changer who has a real storefront two floors below. The restaurant refers potential customers. They both make money.

Aloha -- Cathi