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Friday, November 7, 2014

From Las Vegas, NV to Visalia, CA

Aloha Everyone,

Today we were on the road for a little over 8 hours. The first interesting site I took photos off I-15 South were the 30 MW solar farm just outside of Las Vegas. There are about 2,000 tracker rows with 130,000 photovoltaic solar modules on the 311-acre solar farm.

In the small town of Yermo, we stopped for lunch. Yermo is middle of nowhere. We took the freeway exit one too soon and drove through many abandoned and decaying parts of the town.  

Peggy Sue's 50's Diner claim is that it is an original roadside diner. On our previous travels, J.J. and I've seen the restaurant advertisement signs both on South and North bound on I-15. It was established in 50's and revived in the ' 60s by a couple from Hollywood. The restaurant is a destination and it is worth a stop. We had a 30 minutes wait along with a roomful of hungry travelers.

Our meal was excellent and our charming servers, Michelle and Barbara, were dressed as if they just stepped out of 1950's.

From Barstow towards Bakersfield , we traveled on Highway 58. The landscape became hazy blocking the sun.  It was alarming and we checked the road and weather conditions on-line only to get an assurance from my brother that this weather condition Is quite "normal" for this part of the state during this time of the year.

Tonight we are back in Visalia at Country Manor RV Park where we stopped on our way to Sequoia National Park nearly 4 months ago.

We felt revived from our long trip when we saw Carol and Jerry come knocking on our door to welcome us back.  We feel blessed to have them among our RV parks' family.

Aloha -- Cathi