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Friday, November 28, 2014

Wicked - The Musical

Aloha Everyone,

This afternoon my son's family and I went to watch the musical, Wicked at the San Diego Civic Theater.

In order to get to the theater early enough to get good parking spot, we rushed to the location. From the parking stall, the 4 of us ran down 6 flights of stairs. San Diego Civic Theater is located in downtown San Diego. The theater has nearly 3,000 seating capacity and for a day after Thanksgiving holiday weekend matinee showing, the place was packed with families with little girls.

Wicked is a story of two friends and their friendship and how their relationship impact fate of one another. I truly enjoyed myself watching reactions of  my granddaughter seated next to me. She was enthralled with the setting, the song, acting, costumes, dancing and special effects. At times she laughed out and other times she giggled and yet on other scenes she looked pensive but her eyes did not leave the stage. She told me the best part was when Elphaba, the Emerald-skin witch flew away on a broom.

I liked the special effect of the dragon at the parquet which swayed its head and glared and flashed eyes with smoke coming out of its mouth.

Wicked has many good music selections but it is not one of those where audience walk out humming their favorite tunes.  The Phantom of the Opera is still my favorite musical.

After the last curtain calls, this time the 4 of us rushed up the 6 flights of stairs to get to the car so we can get ahead of the line of cars leaving the parking lot.

Back at home, J.J. was waiting for us with baked Wild Alaskan salmon dinner. It was another very good special day with our son's family.

Aloha -- Cathi