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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tomo, Persimmon and my Mother's Home-Cooked Dinner

Aloha Everyone,

Tomo is a 6 years old American Akita.  He was guarding a nursery that caters to Bonsai practitioners. American Akita, according to the owner is bigger than the Japanese Akita.

His head is large and his neck is massive. When we walked inside the premise, Tomo started to bark loudly tugging his restraining chain and trying to intimidate us. However after Tomo realized that his owners tone of voice were warm, cordial and friendly, Tomo relaxed and tested on his stomach occasionally giving askance with a glare. Tomo is 6 years old and weighs about 120 lbs. His owner refer to Tomo as a small American Akita.

My Mother, J.J. and I passed by a Japanese supermarket called Nijiya and picked up a couple if trays of freshly made sushi for lunch.

Persimmons (Fuyu Kaki) are one of my favorite fruits. My Mother's tree bore so many lovely fruits and she kept about 3 dozens still hanging  on the tree until we came home. Some of these are size of medium apples. I washed them eat one skin and all. Truly yum. I will write about the numerous benefits of persimmon in my blog.

When my Mother is not working in her yard, out doing volunteering, she is in her spacious kitchen. Tonight as we were chatting, she whipped up a delicious dinner.

Eating 25 different variety of food per day in small quantity must be also another secret of healthy living.

Trout caught by my brother at a remote lake on route to Yosemite National Park.

Sweet potato from Fresno. She steam them first then lightly browned with butter.

Aloha -- Cathi