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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Honu's Adventure Without Us

Aloha Everyone,

On Friday morning, J.J. found a parking ticket on Honu. It indicated that Honu was illegally parked on a public street. After researching on-line, we found out that there is a new ordinance in San Diego where all RVs and large trucks are not permitted to park on public street any day between 2 - 6 AM. The citation we received is a $112.50 fine.

Personally, we believe that there should be a warning sign posted with this information, as we had no idea that the law had changed. Furthermore, the first time citation should be a written warning with no monetary penalty. We will contest this as there is no warning signs on the street and this is our first offense.

One option is to apply for a parking pass which would allow us to park a maximum of 3 days at one site. While our application is being reviewed, Honu has decided to have an adventure and stay by itself at Campland on the Bay in Mission Bay. This site offers both RV park for guests as well as RV storage.

We hope that Honu has a fun stay at Mission Bay, and we will reunite in a few days.

Aloha -- Cathi