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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Buddhist Ceremony

Aloha Everyone,

Once a year, Buddhist offer prayer for the departed souls of their ancestors. The ceremony is called Tsuito Hoyou. This morning J.J. and I joined my Mother to attend a ceremony with a group of people who trace their ancestry to the same province in Japan.

The priest, Ito Sensei with Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple officiated the ceremony by chanting okiyo, a prayer mantra.

Japanese Buddhists follow strict guidelines for deceased and after services that are observed by the family of the departed. Important dates are 3, 9, 35, and 49 days after the demise. After that it's 1st year, 7th year, 13th year then 25th year.

The ceremony at the cemetery lasted less than 1/2 hour. J.J. and I followed others offering incense. Priest Ito's sermon was in-line with Tibetan Buddhism's teaching of Four Immeasurable.

To read about Four Immeasurable teachings please go to my yoga blog:

The ceremonial gathering ended at Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple with everyone sharing a lunch of Bento.

Aloha -- Cathi