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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Aloha Everyone

Persimmon is a fall fruit and one of my favorites.

Its color is a golden orange and it's shape is either round or squarish with flat top. Some variety is even oblong shaped. The fruit is smooth textured, firm to bite, sweet, delicious and flavorful. It is native to China, but it is widely cultivated in Korea and Japan.

It's interesting to note that J.J. and I found the fruits being also called kaki, by its Japanese name, in the coastal cities of Italy, i.e. in Venice and Amalfi Coast.

During our recent travels, we saw persimmons being sold in specialty stores such as Whole Foods and Bristol Farms.

In Japan, persimmon is revered as "the king of fruits" because of its multiple health benefits.

I prefer to eat my persimmon with skin like an apple. However generally, the fruits is peeled, cut into quarters and served on a plate with fruits fork.

Dried persimmons fruits can be used for baking cookies, muffins, cakes, puddings, or as topping in breakfast cereal and salads.

I will be writing about more details of persimmons nutritional benefits in my blog at:

Aloha -- Cathi