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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Aloha Everyone,

Today we had Honu professionally washed and waxed. The cost for washing is $2 per linear foot and $6 for hand waxing.

Red Rock RV Wash has 7 vans in their fleet and we were told that they serve all RV parks in Las Vegas 7 days a week.

One interesting thing we observed was that they bring their own water to use rather than connecting to the RV park water source. Miguel and Trevor informed us that the water they use is alkalized or "soft" water so it would not leave water spots or other residue on Honu. The wax they use is polymer which provides protective layer on top of Honu's metal body.

While Honu was getting cleaned and waxed, J.J. and I took the hotel shuttle to the strip. We walked for over one hour and took a return shuttle back to the RV park.



On our return trip we met Frank and Valerie from Highland, CA. They are both retired and also enjoying RV travels.

The weather has been absolutely perfect. Air is clear and we can even see the early moon beside a palm tree.

Nearby foothills with the sunset reflecting is also beautiful

Aloha -- Cathi