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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Elk Encounter, Redwood Forest, Golden Gate Bridge to Gilroy

Aloha Everyone,

What an exciting way to start a day! Shortly after seeing a road sign warning motorists, Honu had a close encounter with a large Elk buck. Then the three of us shouted almost simultaneously, "Wow look over there!" A large herd, we estimated 50 animals, were feeding in the front yard of a house. We wondered whether or not the occupants of the house was indoor watching.

The Northern coast of California is comprised of four state parks and the Redwood National Parks.  

No matter how many times J.J. and I have travelled this road, these tall, massive trees are awe inspiring.

Lunch stop was at Applebee's in Ukiah, a city located along the US Route 101 corridor. Ukiah, a small, friendly community is the center of a major wine producing area.

All was well until we approached San Francisco. Unable to quickly change lanes, we ended up crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. We asked Siri to get us back on 101 was our mistake. Honu climbed up and down a total of 10 steepest streets in San Francisco. The entire ordeal was especially stressful for J.J. Thank goodness for Honu's excellent engine and brake system.

We found a perfect home for Honu and trailer at Gilroy Garlic USA RV Park. Location is close to the Gilroy Outlet Mall so Jeff and I took an hour-long walk. J.J. took a much deserved nap after one of the most harrowing driving day in Honu with the trailer. Total drive time was 9.5 hours.

Aloha -- Cathi