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Saturday, June 24, 2017

From Coos Bay, Oregon to Crescent City, CA

Aloha Everyone,

One of the pleasures of driving on Highway 101 alongside the Oregon coast is the incredible beauty of the ever changing landscape.  

From its famous sand dunes to charming fishing villages, nearly every mile is filled with wonders. For this trip, we are focused on getting to La Jolla safely. Therefore we cannot wander or meander.  

Honu with a trailer requires a pull-through site with a 36 ft length. J.J. and I are finding out that this creates additional difficulties as smaller RV parks have a limited number of space for longer vehicles. Yes, hauling a trailer, however small, behind Honu is challenging.

Crescent City is located a few miles from the Oregon border. The name comes from the Crescent shape of its bay. The place is also a gateway to the Redwood National Park. A population of 7,643 (per 2010 census) includes the inmates of Pelican Bay State Prison.

While J.J. rested after driving for a total of 7 hours, Jeff and I went to explore Crescent City. There were markers and sign posts indicating where much of the city was destroyed. The devastating event took place on Good Friday in 1964, a result of four tsunami waves generated by earthquakes off Anchorage, Alaska.

Today the nearby park and trails were being enjoyed by families who came away to escape the inland heatwave. Honu's ocean view site is a great place to enjoy the sunset. The unusual pink color may be due to a blanket of heavy fog.

Aloha -- Cathi