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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

From Iowa to Minnesota to South Dakota

Aloha Everyone,

Another long day on the road. Honu covered nearly 350 miles, which meant J.J. and I were on the road for 7 hours. The first segment of our travel was on I-35 North in Iowa. We then switched to I-90 South through Minnesota then finally to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Since last week Friday, we've crossed four of the top 10 agricultural producing states. They are Iowa (#2), Minnesota (#5), Illinois (#6) and Indiana (#10). According to a US government report, productions are shifting from small to larger farms. Interestingly, family own farm business still account for about 1/2 of farm production.

Top two livestocks for Iowa are hogs and cattle. These two livestocks account for about 50% of the statewide production. For crop products, grain corn and soybeans account for nearly half of the state's production.

Minnesota's top two livestocks are hogs and dairy products, making up about 32% of total production. For farming, grain corn and soybeans add to approximately 35% of total production. 

On today's drive, we saw many chicken boilers and eggs coops. These structures are easily recognizable due to their height and length, and a design that incorporates efficient ventilation.

Honu is back in South Dakota staying at KOA Sioux Falls, less than 10 miles from the border of Minnesota.

J.J. snapped my photo as we were going to take a shower.

Aloha -- Cathi