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Monday, June 19, 2017

Great Day for Walking and Working on Our Boxes

Aloha Everyone,

I am very satisfied what we were able to accomplish today. J.J. and I, with help from Jeff, were able to finish going through all the boxes. J.J. and I each had a couple of boxes of our personal correspondences to discard. What I am saving are my numerous sketch books, photos and diaries. I plan to take photographs of these before finally discarding majority of them.

Jeff invited us to Mod Pizza located at the Trail at Silverdale, a small shopping center. One can choose your own toppings for pizza. I chose a side salad with no meat but with about 10 varieties of veggies. The food was delicious, service was fast and excellent. The cost for two pizza was $8.25 each and my large side salad was $5.27. Truly an unforgettable meal!

As to my walking, I did an hour before breakfast and another hour before dinner. A woman who saw me in the morning as well as in the evening asked me if I have been walking all day! :-)

Aloha -- Cathi