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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

South Dakota

Aloha Everyone,

Glorious sunrise greeted me when I stepped out of Honu for my morning walk.

J.J. and I enjoy the open highway with no billboard signs. Wide open grasslands are best appreciated with no distractions. Some states, including Hawaii, prohibit outdoor advertising. On the other hand, advertising local businesses targeting to those who are traveling on the interstate highways can be helpful especially when they are promoting one-of-a-kind restaurants.

Wall Drug is an exception. This prominent landmark starts advertising as soon as you enter South Dakota. J.J. estimates that there are at least 80 signs erected on both directions before reaching the destination.

As we began looking for a restaurant for lunch, we crossed into Mountain Zone. With a snap of fingers, we gained one hour and instead of 11:46 am, it was only 10:46 am. Nevertheless, our stomach said it was time for lunch. With no other real choice, we stopped at Wall Drug. J.J. and I each had roast beef dinner plate; their signature 5 cents coffee; and treated ourselves to sharing a scoop of pecan ice cream. Our lunch, $35 was rather pricey for cafeteria-style dining.

Back in South Dakota taking I-90 means that I can sit behind Honu's steering wheel. For two hours with an average speed of 73 mph using cruise control, I covered approximately 150 miles.

Finally back in Rapid City, we had Honu's oil change, stopped by at Americas Mailbox, our "home address" to take care of business, then checked in at the Rapid City RV Camping. Beautiful hilltop location. I took advantage of the great weather to get my afternoon walk.

Aloha -- Cathi