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Sunday, June 4, 2017

From Indiana to Illinois

Aloha Everyone,

Summer days are here in the Midwest. The early morning temperature of 67 degrees disappeared when the sun came out. By 9:00 am, we had Honu's AC running to mitigate the daytime high of 91 degrees.  

Found an interesting place for lunch called the BEEF HOUSE RESTAURANT located in Covington, IN. The name reflects the pride of ownership serving high quality aged beef at moderate prices. It is cooked over hardwood briquets on an open hearth charcoal broiler. This place is very close to the Illinois border.  Their advertisement claim is, "Voted the best beef in Indiana." At 12:30 pm, a huge parking lot was quickly getting filled with cars bearing Illinois license plates.

J.J. feasted on the 10 ounce Rib Eye, served with mashed potato plus a trip to a very extensive salad bar and a cup of cream of broccoli soup. The latter was enjoyed by me with grilled cod and onion rings.  

As we were heading on I-74 West to Peoria, JJ saw a camping sign. We made a quick decision to pull in to stay the night. It is a well-maintained RV park with a golf driving range. Happy to gain an hour as we are now in the Central Time Zone.

Honu reached another milestone this morning - 100,000 miles!!!

Aloha -- Cathi