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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mike's Car Wash & Detail

Aloha Everyone,

The first order of today was to get Honu cleaned. Honu stands 10ft tall inclusive of the AC mounted on the roof. It means normal self service car wash places cannot accommodate Honu's height.

Mike's Car Wash & Detail is located on Bainbridge Island. Mike on the left and his business partner Doug are co-owners. Mike mentioned that his wife, for nearly 2 years, has been talking about her desire to have a small motorhome and travel around the country. I encouraged him to try renting one first for a couple of weeks to see if the size is large enough for them. I mentioned that J.J. and I truly love our RV lifestyle and we are very happy with Honu, but this is NOT for everyone.

J.J. and I stopped at the Office Max in Poulsbo to pick up 3 more packing boxes.

Our final stop was at the KITSAP Mall parking lot to see the RV show that was advertised. Inside the mall was a Honu lookalike 2017 Mercedes Benz model. Jeff met us so we could view the show together. While sales staff, Rick and Aireina were helpful in answering our questions, the three of us were disappointed with the quality as well as the selection of RVs at the show.

Quick lunch at a food court where J.J. ordered a Chinese plate lunch and I chose mostly veggie turkey wrap from Subway.

As to unpacking and sorting our packages, we only worked on them less than a couple of hours before called it a day :-)

Aloha -- Cathi